Monday in Blind Married

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Show & Three, and Esther & Tim. A few days back discovered, on average, 1.214.209 viewers – good for a market share of 45,9% (VVA 18-54, live + 3) – or they’d just guessed who the last two matches would be in Blind Married. In the third episode on Monday, February 12, the two couples effectively “yes” against each other, but in what way?

Show, that until just before marriage, no nerves, made a striking entrance into the wedding hall when he turned to Frieze father founded: “You are still in agreement that I marry your wife, um, daughter?” The ice was immediately broken. “I think that for everyone who was present, and doubted whether I stressed was immediately obvious was that I stressed was,” laughed Show afterwards.

The other three couples awake after their first night together and leave immediately on honeymoon. It remains between Mike and Marjoram as well click after a great first day together?

Wendy hopes again confirmation of Damiano or the “okay” was that she was the one who the hall inside walked. “I go in Gran Canaria quietly on a terrace of questions. I hope he me somewhere that gives assurance, because I felt that he was a bit hesitant and therefore I’m a bit unsure”.

Sweet and Aljosja clicked well, but realize that they’re going to have to work. “At this moment, it feels a bit like a command. What is crazy, as Sweet, smooth and I also. It’s going to be fine between us but, until now, on a fairly flat way.”

Episode 3 of Blind Married on Monday 12 February 2018 at VTM.

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