Military helicopter down at the border Syria-Turkey

ce5dc344ccdafa91a556985def7783ef - Military helicopter down at the border Syria-Turkey

ISTANBUL – A Turkish military helicopter is brought down during action against Kurdish militias in Syria. In addition, two Turkish soldiers to the life. The newspaper Hürriyet reported that president Erdogan on Saturday in a toepspraak said that this type of incidents, unfortunately, in a war and that the perpetrators a high price to pay.

State news agency Anadolu reported that the helicopter was shot down in the southeastern province of Hatay near the Syrian border. Prime minister Binali Yildirim said, however, later on the day that the unit is across the border in Syria is brought down.

The Turkish army is on January 20 the northwest of Syria invaded to Kurdish fighters to expel. Kurdish militias YPG (Volksbeschermingseenheden) are in the eyes of the Turkish government an extension of the terrorist PKK. Turkey wants the YPG first off, in the region of Afrin, near the border with the province of Hatay, and that of Manbij on the right bank of the Euphrates river.

According to the Turkish armed forces are now more than 1140 Kurdish fighters off. In the night from Friday to Saturday alone, according to the army 36 the goals of the YPG attacked and 79 fighters off. The armed forces do not indicate what off means, but that must be killed or captured.

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