Merkel: Germany is guilty of the Holocaust

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BERLIN – German chancellor Angela Merkel in a video message, stressed the historical debt that Germany has to the Holocaust. “As Germans, we are responsible for what happened during the Holocaust, the Shoah, national socialism has happened.”

Merkel responded to the introduction of the controversial Holocaustwet in Poland. By that law it is more punishable to the term “Polish death camps” when it comes to concentration camps of the nazis on Polish territory. Israeli politicians and historians fear that the law is abused to Poland who were involved in the Persecution of the jews to exonerate.

Last week was minister Sigmar Gabriel of Foreign Affairs also pointed to the historical debt of Germany. “There is no doubt about who was there for the death camps and the murder of millions of Jews responsible were the Germans.

Friday brings the Polish minister-president Mateusz Morawiecki a visit to Berlin.

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