Many dead in bus accident hong Kong

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Hong KONG – A bus in hong Kong has almost twenty human lives. Dozens of people were injured. It’s one of the deadliest busongevallen in years in the autonomous Chinese region.

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Passengers told the newspaper South China Morning Post that the driver of the double decker bus hard reed. “He was ten minutes late and cranky because a number of people to him and stopped”, said a male passenger. “He rode as if he had a plane controlled.”

The bus crashed on a slope outside the built-up area. Fifteen men and three women died on the spot. Certainly 47 injured are transferred to hospitals in the city. Multiple victims are in bad shape.


Another passenger, who was on the side of the road was, talked about the chaotic conditions that existed when the vehicle was turned upside down. “People fell on each other and were being thrown back and forth.” He confirmed that the vehicle harder, that seemed to drive than usual.

About the cause of the accident is still nothing published. The director of the bus company, KMB said at the scene of the accident that the driver since 2014 for the company worked. “There were no signs that he struggled with fatigue”, said the director.

It is not the first time that hong Kong is rocked by a fatal bus. In 2003, fell 21 were killed after a double-decker of a viaduct was deposited. That happened after a collision with a truck.

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