Lawyer Abdeslam flooded with hate mails

0934cd6ae6e87fde45c2a0b247a1d6c4 - Lawyer Abdeslam flooded with hate mails

BRUSSELS – A day after his fiery plea in which he the acquittal of terrorist Salah Abdeslam asked, lawyer Sven Mary around forty of hatred and dreigmails. Also his children are threatened, write different Flemish media. His plea in the courtroom was barely behind the back or on social media sparked a scheldkanonnade los.

Mary says that he hate mails, sometimes with outright threats, all of those years aangekund. ,,But now some of them are up to a higher gear switched. Your children would have to explode, was there. As I kind of read, I become very angry. I have that person and all other hoogdravers written that they later talk in my face may tell. I will bring them the answer should, in my way. None of those beggars has even settled,” says Mary.

The lawyer has not yet filed a complaint with the police. ,,Maybe I will do that yet.”

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