Justin Timberlake surprises super bowl-selfie-Ryan

a3425c04c3c733ea42fad973774cd191 - Justin Timberlake surprises super bowl-selfie-Ryan

Justin Timberlake surprises super bowl-selfie-Ryan

Ryan made a selfie during the concert with Justin Timberlake. In the show of Ellen Degeneres he is again surprised by the superstar! Photo: REUTERS

Do you know yet? Sunday February 4, performed with Justin Timberlake during the Superbowl. It had to be a 13-year-old Ryan McKenna to a selfie with Justin Timberlake. Last week he was the talk of the day. But it is even more fun, because Ryan is again by Justin Timberlake surprised.

Superbowl selfie with the superstar

It was a special week for Ryan. The teenager was first by his father, surprised with a ticket for the Football match. Justin Timberlake gave up after 14 years, a occur, and ran during the show by the audience and called people to a Superbowl-selfie. Ryan grabbed his chance and made a selfie with the superstar!

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Yet, he seemed not really impressed, because after the picture is taken, he lets his phone go! His selfie went the world about Ryan and the internet went los. The boy later told that he was particularly overwhelmed, but that he was a great evening has had.

Second selfie?

Its popularity was certainly not unnoticed, because Ryan ended up in the chair at the popular talkshowhost Ellen Degeneres. The teenager who did something like the young Justin Timberlake is again surprised, like Justin, all of a sudden the phone hangs with a message for Ryan. The teen gets tears in his eyes of happiness, and may not otherwise release,,O my god, o my god.” But it continues to go on and on, because Justin has let us know that he, Ryan, like it really wants to see and that he will soon visit ,,to a second selfie!”

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