Israeli fighter jet crashed near the Syrian border

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An Israeli F-16 is near the border with Syria has crashed. The two pilots managed to escape with their ejector seat and are in Israeli territory and landed, says a spokesperson of the Israeli army.

One of them would, according to a mediabericht or seriously wounded. According to Tel Aviv, the aircraft is ‘probably not’ shot down by the Syrian anti-aircraft batteries, but Damascus claims to the contrary. State news agency Sana reports that the anti-air more then one Israeli plane hit by a new attack of Israel against a military base in the centre of Syria.

Iranian drone

Shortly before, Israeli planes ‘Iranian targets ” in Syria to bomb it. That was according to Israel, a response to an Iranian drone from Syria to the border with Israel had crossed and who was shot by a helicopter.

‘It does not seem likely that the aircraft was shot down’, says Jonathan Conricus, spokesman of the Israeli army. “But it is being investigated. Iran is behind this grave violation of Israeli sovereignty.’ The Israeli army confirms that, after the crash of the F-16 re-air campaign, read.

The Israeli attacks would be a Syrian soldier killed, according to sources close to the government in Damascus. The F-16 crashed east of the city of Haifa, in northern Israel.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, in 2011, took the number of incidents on the border between the two countries, especially in the form of rockets that were fired at the Israeli side of the golan heights. Israel says that it is aloof to want to keep in the conflict, but gives at the same time that the dozens of air strikes on targets in Syria.

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