Israel responds with air strikes after crash of F-16

9d85bdc9532d2ecb050924d4b8d55313 - Israel responds with air strikes after crash of F-16

Saturday brought the Syrian luchtdefensie an Israeli F-16 down, an action by Israel was met with the heaviest air strikes ever. Both countries seem to be the conflict, however, is not to want to let escalate.

Israel and Syria since Saturday with drawn weapons against each other. The conflict started when Israel was a helicopter said about letting go on an ” Iranian drone from Syria to the border with Israel had crossed over. The country decided to ” Iranian and Syrian military targets in Syria to bomb, but lost an F-16. The aircraft was shot down east of the city of Haifa, in northern Israel. According to the newspaper Haaretz is the first time in 30 years that Israel is a F-16 in combat loses.

The Israeli army confirms that, after the crash of the F-16 re-air campaign, read. The Israeli attacks would be a Syrian soldier killed, according to sources close to the government in Damascus.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, in 2011, took the number of incidents on the border between the two countries, especially in the form of rockets that were fired at the Israeli side of the golan heights. Israel says that it is aloof to want to keep in the conflict, but gives at the same time that the dozens of air strikes on targets in Syria.

Reaction to Hezbollah: “the beginning of a new strategic era’

Hezbollah condemns the repeated attacks (of Israel)’ against military and civilian installations in Syria. The movement praises the vigilance of the Syrian army that succeeded in the Israeli devices to block and one F-16 has been shot down. ‘That is the beginning of a new strategic era, a point put behind the violation of the Syrian airspace and territory, ” says a press release.

The two pilots used their ejector seat and were by the Israeli army picked up and taken to a hospital. A pilot is injured, the other is slightly wounded.

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