Hilversum III Herman van Veen comes in From Dale

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The term ’Hilversum III was not yet’ from the homonymous song of Herman van Veen gets a place in the new edition of the oxford English Dictionary. That has editor-in-chief Ton den Boon reported in the Radio 5 program Spotlight.

The song was in 1984, written by Willem Wilmink. Hilversum III, the precursor of the Dutch radio station 3FM, was a symbol for the modern age in which people no more together sing songs during work. “The term over the past few decades the original meaning transcended,” says Den Boon. “It is now a symbol of the grey past. In the last few years the term even used a period to indicate after Hilversum III actually existed.”

‘Hilversum III’ is in the language now a synonym for a “nostalgic sense of the past when everything was better. We think when We hear those words back to the time when there was no mass communication was and that people with each other, interacted and sang it together.” The term is the last few years in media also increasingly being used outside of the context of the station or music. “In truth, was recently an article about the cave drawings in the prehistoric times in which a reference to the term was made.”

Guus Meeuwis

Hilversum III was a cover of a German song. Van Veen had in 1984 a Top 10 hit with the song. The song is already for years a high position in the Top 2000.

Previously, Dale also known that the phrase ” it is a night that you normally only see in movies’ from the homonymous song of Guus Meeuwis and a spot in the dictionary. Also the inclusion of the expression, ” Harder than I may have’ of the Zeeuwse band Bløf in the authoritative taalboek is considered.

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