Frances Lefebure about her deceased mother

Frances Lefebure about her deceased mother

Frances Lefebure conquered suddenly all our hearts when she last year completely broke through with her role in Amigo’s on tv, and as presenter of Hotel Römantiek on FOUR. But still experience the friendly Ghent is also a great loss in her life…

When Frances Lefebure was 17 years old, her mother died of a brain tumor and even though she is currently happy, still she feels that big a loss. Professional as well as private, she is a turning point in her life and her mom had her for sure with counsel and advice assisted. To her mom, she would always be the first used to ask if they have the proper decisions took. But despite the great emptiness that her deceased mother fails, it goes well with Frances Lefebure. Even very good!

The second season of Hotel Römantiek took a good start and already has Frances Lefebure, longing for the recordings. Hotel Römantiek present taught her a lot about herself. Used to wish Frances Lefebure just acting but since Hotel Römantiek she knows that also non-fiction and present it belongs to the path that they are on tv want to pursue. Behind the scenes, she would like to work on tv programs, but when they suggested at Woestijnvis, she was on the knuckles.

A made television programmes of Woestijnvis told her that people like a program with her want to make because they are so good happens on the screen. A huge compliment, thought Frances, who realizes that her modesty sometimes negative works. Frances Lefebure admits in The Newspaper Magazine that they need to learn to realize that she has something that people like to see on television. Even if it costs her that sometimes the trouble…

However, calls Frances Lefebure her biggest talent is “satisfaction”. They can also complain and saw, but they don’t catch people like that are just too much of life to expect. People find quickly nowadays that every second fantastic and that they are of any moment something amazing, but that is constant to strive for perfection is something to which Frances Lefebure does not catch.

Also of a relationship, she realizes that that is not quite perfect. And you have to accept that. That seems to be Frances, the only way stabiels to build. And also a desire to have children is associated with a stable relationship. Frances Lefebure admits that as a 29-year-old who desire a very physical start to feel it. But what of her career?

Currently, Frances Lefebure was a bit keuzestress. And then she misses her mom very hard, and considering they even have a medium to consult. Actually believes they are there not in this, but she would be everything to her mom again to ask. “I am just in the process? I make the right choices?”

However, feel Frances Lefebure still the influence of her mother. Just like her mama also wants Frances to be a positive influence to her surroundings.

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