FOUR start spring well

340c9fb0065ef3da8204eda2993c5fdb - FOUR start spring well

The first week of the wine and instead brought out on Four of the figures produced, which we in advance had in mind: pretty low, with here and there a ray of hope. So were the replacements of The Mole on Monday, not a fist. Control Pedro and Bartel In The Wild took between 11 and 13 per cent in the commercial target group, and less than a quarter of a million viewers. On Tuesday, scored Topdokters (478.000) very good, with already (including delayed viewing) nearly 600,000 viewers. The Lions had little absolute viewers (225.000), but almost 20 percent on the target group and thus is Four satisfied. Karen Makes A Plate (221.000 – 14%) did too little, Ghent-West (358.000 – 20%) scored sufficient. On Thursday, Hotel Römantiek start with 333.851 viewers (17.2%). The new Ex-Gangster klokte on 176.136 viewers (8.7%).

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