Exodus spring mid-term break is approaching climax

d0eb187c2be6da5631d625d3fd58fe6e - Exodus spring mid-term break is approaching climax

At the beginning of the spring mid-term break is the traditional pressure on the European roads. Especially in the direction of ski resorts is queuing.

Austria is a popular destination, it is currently an hour of queuing on the Fernpassroute. In Germany it is especially busy in the region of Munich. France has traffic on the local roads in the direction of ski resorts. ‘It is very striking that even on local roads in the direction of ski resorts very busy, and that is because the regions also have a vacation, ” says Joni Junes of VAB to VRT NWS.

In Switzerland, the traffic will still increase. There is the pressure at the border crossings. The traffic will further increase to 13 hours, then the peak is over.


The Belgian Federation of Autocar and Autobus Companies (FBAA) reports no major problems with buses to the ski resorts depart. This weekend bring 295 coaches in a total of some 14 600 skiers to France, Italy and Austria. Because of the snowfall were traffic problems expected, but the great exodus took place without significant problems. Reported that FBAA.

Since Friday morning gathering of young people, students and youth organisations to the pick-up areas in Brussels, Groot-Bijgaarden, Antwerp, Ghent and Waterloo. The great exodus Friday night went, despite the cold weather, without any problems. A 30-Belgian bus companies convert their fleet to the Belgians access to the ski resorts, approximately a quarter of all winter sports enthusiasts travelling with the bus to the snow.

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