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Erben Wennemars about the Olympic Winter games

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Erben Wennemars of the NOS plays a major role given the Olympics. He analyzes the characters and is the sidekick of Henry Schut in Studio Sportwinter. What he expects of the Dutch athletes?

Text: Bram de Graaf.

What are you going to do in Pyeongchang?
“Dione de Graaff in Pyeongchang live analyze I passed the skating rink, the races of men. I am also hard sidekick in the evening Studio sportwinter with Henry Schut. And I also give comments on NPO Radio 1 with all characters. I have a lot of meaning in. All the ingredients are present to make these Games unforgettable.”

Where look forward to the most?
“The 10 kilometres in the men’s! Sven Kramer has that distance never won at the Games. In 2010, he makes Vancouver a wrong switch and thus lost the gold. In Sochi in 2014 triumphed Jorrit Bergsma. But now it can happen. All is not that the Sven that price just pick up, it will be a real contest. Also the Canadian Ted-Jan Bloemen is contender; he rode in december, still a world record in the 5000 meters. Like the fact that he is with us: why performs that boy in Canada and not in the Netherlands? Apparently thrives he is not in the hard system here. But in Canada, where everyone is sweet and kind against each other, he flourished. These are great stories.”

What makes Kramer may well be the best skater that we’ve ever had?
“He is the greatest. That’s because of his physically and hardness. I don’t know anyone who is so professional as he is, so focused, so involved with his body and material. Also mediocre skaters can be a time for an olympic medal, but Sven does it for ten years. While there is always stress on him, because from him is always expected: that he does. And he will do it; also now to the ten kilometers, I expect that. Then you are a true champion.”

On whom should we continue to pay attention to?
“The 500 meters at the men will be fun. Olympic champion Michel Mulder is not, but his identical twin brother Ronald is now a chance. How nice would it be if he is to become the title claims? And Ireen Wüst. She has no good preparation, but nevertheless, she is soon medaillekandidaat. She is a killer and her maturity comes handy. For the fourth time in a row, she can be a medal at the Games tackle, shouldn’t be beautiful. I also expect much of Kjeld Nuis. He is a world champion in the 1000 and 1500 metres, but has never competed in the Games. He must duel with Koen Verweij. But how good are the Russians at such distances?”

In Sochi won the Netherlands 24 schaatsmedailles. Can we get over?
“That doesn’t happen. The competition has learned of Sochi, there will be more conflict. The Americans and Japanese are at full strength, the Norwegians come there again. It is very exciting. And fun!”

It is that often sits well with your predictions. How do you do that?
“I just know a lot of skating.”

Olympic Winter games, 9 t/m February 25, 2018, Pyeongchang, South Korea

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