Drew Barrymore stopped datingapps because nobody responded

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Drew Barrymore, who since the summer of 2016 once again be single, wanted to enjoy a blind date. To date, however, not succeeded, because they failed to deliver through a datingapp a date to be arranged.

“Since I was a teenager, fantasize I already have a blind date,” says the 42-year-old actress to Ellen DeGeneres.

In 2016 divorced Barrymore director Will Kopelman and the bachelor actress decided to log on to datingapp Raya. “I heard that Amy Schumer and her friend had met. One night, I went for it and I volunteered. But no one sent me a message.”

Barrymore approached the men, therefore, itself. “A man wrote:” what does someone like you on a datingapp?'” With a other man came to a longer conversation. “I wrote to him: ‘if you’re in the mood for a drink, that would be nice. But not in a hurry’. There I never answer.”

New relationship

In december did the actress know that she still has no sense in a new relationship. “I get as much fulfillment from my daughters that I have the feeling that my cup is just overflowing,” said Barrymore in an interview with Instyle.

“I never thought that I was so satisfied would be without a romantic relationship to have.”

Barrymore has daughters Olive (5) and Frankie (3) from her marriage to Kopelman. The actress is for him twice previously married.

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