Drew Barrymoore ran blues in datingapp

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Hollywood star Drew Barrymore (42) since the summer of 2016 once again single, and it seemed a good idea to use a datingapp to go in search of a possible new love. Unfortunately for the actress picked up the less successful than had been hoped for.

“When I was a teenager, knew I all about blind dates,” says Drew in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The actress, who in 2016, he director Will Kopelman, drew eventually my courage and reported to datingapp Raya. “I heard that Amy Schumer and her friend there has to know, so I thought: let me try.”

In vain, as it turned out soon. “No one sent me a message, so when I am but men are going to approach. Someone responded with: ’What does someone like you on this app?’ I asked myself, starting to wonder whether this is a compliment and an insult in one! Eventually I let him know together like a drink to want to drink, without any form of pressure. He has never responded.”

Not looking

After a disappointing interaction decided to Drew to stop. A few days later she was with her ex, Will Kopelman, in the kitchen, when he asked her why she is a member of a datingapp. “I asked him how he knew, since I was there but five days on sat. “Because I have your profile saw!”, he replied. Now I’m still trying to remove it, but it does not work!”

At the end of last year, the actress still do not know actively looking for a relationship. To InStyle Magazine, she told that she and her two children had been perfectly happy. “My daughters mean so much to me, and that I overwhelmed feel in love. More love I have no need at this time. I never knew I was so satisfied could be without a romantic relationship.”

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