Dimitri Leue makes special animated film

c558c9cedaff4c7de896714b2f85e551 - Dimitri Leue makes special animated film

Dimitri Leue and his brother Kristoff have a special animated film made. For Zooks make use of rotoscopie. “That is a traditional 2D animation technique,” says Kristoff in GVA. “Actually play a real character actors (Frank Focketyn, Warre Borgmans, Matteo Simoni-ed.) first the entire movie. Because the background is not important, we have the actors for five weeks leave acting for a green screen in a hangar. Afterwards, the actors by the computer separated from the background, and they have the right background. For the actors, this technique is not self-evident, but they got some photos of the backdrop that would later be added. So they had some grip. Once all the scenes are canned, the entire movie is assembled. Then I went in China many as thirty artists at the battle that the film ‘overtekenden’. “They have all the images for one and a half years, about 60,000 drawings,” says Kristoff.

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