Converted rapper Kempi calls islam ‘pure love’

24bc63e63d906f110d6193d3e3014b98 - Converted rapper Kempi calls islam 'pure love'

Rapper Kempi has converted to islam because he has this belief that “pure love”.

That he states in an interview with FunX dj Fernando Halman on the site It is the first time that Kempi expanded accepting his choice, which he earlier this week via social media reported.

It was not a sudden decision for the 31-year-old rapper, who in daily life Jerrely Slijger hot. Kempi had been for a while interested in religion, but he is never the first step to repentance. “The media put muslims and islam in a very bad light,” he says in the interview. “I was just scared and wanted nothing to do with it.”

In the course of the years, discovered the artist, however, that “the media stories turn around and have their own way of publishing”. “I now believe that islam is just love. It is pure.” It fascinates the rapper also that many of the Africans that enslaved were made to muslim had converted.

Kempi allows his own life to want to be better now that he’s a muslim. The rapper was in the past convicted to prison sentences for assault and threat.

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