Coach Anouk: “It is an idiot nation”

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Coach Anouk: “It is an idiot nation”

Coach Anouk: “It is an idiot nation”. Photo: REUTERS

Anouk also takes in the semi-finals of The Voice of Holland, not a leaf to her mouth. She is dumbfounded when the Length is well-liked Kimberly (26) unexpectedly, the talent show need to leave. This is not a fool, this is just silly”, responded to the Hague coach, which is not even the coach was Kimberly. They are kicking without mercy the concept of TVOH down with its sharp note: ,,This is what you get if we have no points to give”, referring to the public by means of sms messages, the outcome is determined. ,,Is a idiot people that agree, they don’t know. This is also why the people never songfestivalliedje have to choose.”

Not much later, Ali B it a step further: , If you’re on Twitter complaining that Kimberly was not I guess, you had to vote for. If you do not agree, you need to shut up.”

Of course, eludes the viewers will not fly and the tweets your ears:

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It was not the first time tonight that Anouk her displeasure expressed. Also the styling of the team The Voice of Holland, was by the mangle down by the Hague coach. They also own the clothes for her candidate Nienke.

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