Bart Peeters: “I was the inventor of the videorecorder

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Sunday morning is Bart Peeters guest at Ment. The singer and presenter last year won a Loftrompet for ‘best original song’, and that award will he between 10 and 11 hours of receipt. Also between 11 and 12 hear and see you, Bart Peeters on Ment. “I looked, when my parents are out of work and the babysitter to baby-sit me’, to the Tour Of France. I found that fantastic. But at the same time I thought.. ” my parents can’t see’. I did so like crazy all the passages of the stage on paper.. and by the time they got home I had a giant roll of paper for them with that whole match. Also the funeral of Kennedy, I had as a child is drawn. On my Bucketlist is again picking up on the signs,” says Bart Sunday between 11 and 12 hours. How the Bucketlist of there looks? See you Sunday at Ment.

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