Bad news for fans of Helmut Lotti

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The poisoning of Andrei Lugovski – perhaps by a fan ensures that Flemish artists are on their guard. Artists are often by their fans in the pampered and treated to quite a treat: a bottle of wine, cookies, cakes, you name it. A lot of fans have in the past made a lot of effort for something delicious to make for their favorite artist in favor of a fall. But what if a fans with bad intentions gif, mix in a cake, caramelised biscuits, or whatever? That Andrei Lugovski become the victim of a poisoning, comes with Helmut Lotti hard. Lotti and Andrei worked in the past a number of times together. As a result of the poisoning of Andrei has Helmut Lotti, a drastic decision: “Not offensive meant, but I will not candy, honey, chocolate, biscuits and other edible and potable gifts more aanvaardern. It is your presence that counts, not your presents”, wrote Helmut on Facebook.

The fans react with much more understanding on the communication from Helmut Lotti.

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