Anouk that concept TVOH afkraakt, gets applause on Twitter

5339174a10a5df6104e64bd06ff44067 - Anouk that concept TVOH afkraakt, gets applause on Twitter

Anouk has the critical crowd on Twitter, this time her hand managed to get through the concept of ’voting public’ to crack in the show. This she did as a result of the residues of Kimberley, that of the audience too few votes to go through to the final.

Where Anouk else on Twitter ever is under fire for its harsh judgments, this time they welcomed. “Anouk has 100% equal. Only a jury has the sense of,” writes someone who, in its opinion, supports. And he is not the only one. “Whatever you say Anouk, I say, for years. Never ever public (lay people) have a vote. They have no punch line”, is another her. Someone responds being a smart in the style of The Luizenmoeder: “We do not find it strange that Kimberley out, we think it’s very special.”

The people that respond to the social platform of the feast of the clear opinion of the coach. “Anouk is really the only but also the only one who dares to say!! What a wonderful straight man.” And: “Finally, someone who really says what she thinks.” But whether they had the right to complain? According to another critic, is it true that “the fate in the (semi) finals in the hands of that idiotic people that are so crazy is to get capital to spend on sms and so the profit for RTL generation”, but: “you know That if you are in the jury about..”

All will especially the fans of the weggestemde Kimberley who make themselves heard. It is, after all, the public BATHROOMS that’s for the breakdown. And therefore, it also responds to someone annoyed at the statements of Anouk: “you think you can sing and everywhere mind you, does not mean that we are stupid. (…) Kimberley sang false, READY.”

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