Andy Peelman on Barry: “he wants them opfretten”

Andy Peelman on Barry: "he wants them opfretten"

Andy Peelman we know as inspector Koen from The Buurtpolitie who, together with his dog Barry to the crime fight. Sometimes it seems like the dog is more popular than his owner…

Barry is a real police dog, just as Andy Peelman a real police officer and not an actor. Acting is for the Buurtpolitie actor, just a hobby. One in which he, his dog, Barry involved. Barry is, after all, a real police dog and on the set of causes sometimes problems. Barry knows the difference not between a real invasion and a played. Caution is advised! Barry is, after all, no speurdershond, but is trained to attack. If he is a burglar should be behind a door, he wants but one thing: “him opfretten!” Andy Peelman tells The Latest News that he and his colleagues at The Buurtpolitie also warned for Barry. But for the viewers it is Barry a tough hero who sometimes more popular it seems than his master. Today, would the fans prefer for a photo with Barry and then with the owner, laughs at Andy Peelman. He has no airs, says Andy Peelman, “and neither do I, I hope,” he adds.

Andy Peelman see as a police officer, enough misery for a down to earth boy. He understands as no other that The Buurtpolitie no Hollywoodproductie. The last thing he wants is that people are arrogant would find it or him a thick neck would be blamed for. Even on patrol, he goes on the photo, if fans ask for them. “That works drempelverlagend for the police,” Andy Peelman.

If agent works, Andy Peelman in Brussels and there it is every day like in your Walibi is, he tells us The Latest News. “The things you get to experience what you experience as a policeman anywhere else.” Still, Andy Peelman’t mind at all. He would not like to be in a quiet police work where a broken vogelpootje the news of the day. With Barry, he has wild adventures as an agent. Because Barry will accompany him also in real life as a police officer. It is even his own dog.

Andy Peelman bought Barry as a puppy, and that was a gamble, because it was on the one hand, an investment of 2,500 euros, without that you know whether the pup is also a good police dog can be. But now it is Barry really is “his size”. They have a lot of fun, both in real life as on the set of the Buurtpolitie.

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