Airstrike in Syria affects hospital

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A hospital in the Syrian town of Mishimishan, in the northwest of the country, is Friday, hit by an airstrike. Reports that Doctors without Borders Saturday.

“The situation is going from bad to worse’, it sounds. The ngo supported in the hospital, the vaccination activities, but had no own staff. ‘This violent attack can not be tolerated and is again a blow to the already troubled zone, ” said Omar Ahmed Abenza, Msf-landverantwoordelijke in Syria. By such attacks is the medical care of people increasingly difficult.

When the attack was part of the hospital where the vaccinations took place was heavily damaged. Also the stock of vaccines and the refrigerators that were necessary for the vaccines to preserve were destroyed, it sounds. Msf vaccinneerde in the second half of last year in Mishimishan more than 10,000 children, but that is now no longer possible.

When the attack came six people, patients and carers. There were also 17 injured.

‘Domino effect’

Doctors without Borders asks where the wounded are now treated will be. It speaks of a ‘domino effect’, each time a medical structure is being bombed. “The staff of the referentiehospitaal in the near Qunaya, that also by Msf-supported, was extremely nervous after the attack in Mishmishan. Therefore, the management decided to provide services to reduce, sent it non-critical patients home and kept the single a team for the emergency room and the operating room.’

Msf has in the province of Idlib, where Mishmishan is located, three mobile teams to patients who they find to deal with it, but only in that province are hundreds of thousands of displaced persons scattered.

Idlib is largely under the control of rebels, but since a few weeks, heavy bombardment by the Syrian air force and his Russian allies.

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