A lot of criticism on ’weary’ appearance Martijn Krabbé

f17c3948277f77a49b1a3b2f9c2416ac - A lot of criticism on ’weary’ appearance Martijn Krabbé

The appearance of Martijn Krabbé Friday night at The Voice of Holland has caused a fuss made by a lot of people on social media. So many viewers that the presenter is very tired looking, and his looks compared to that of Frank Masmeijer.

“I ask myself now for a few weeks wondering what is going on with Martijn? So explosive, you can’t ‘just’ thicker’? I think sincerely that he is not healthy look”, wrote someone on Twitter. “Special styling hear on The Voice of Holland. Why Martijn Krabbé well as Frank Masmeijer styled, genuinely no idea”, asks a different viewer.

It seems that Martijn to his fans listened; he was Saturday with his girlfriend Noi to the snow left for a no doubt well-deserved vacation.

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