Youtuber Logan Paul is again under fire after stunt with dead rats

82711d3c4b80f3e3a5b22c1e4c741974 - Youtuber Logan Paul is again under fire after stunt with dead rats

Youtuber Logan Paul stood at the beginning of this year still in the eye of a storm after he was in a vlogfilmpje a corpse had shown that in a Japanese zelfmoordbos to a tree, hung. Today, reports New Musical Express (NME) that the 22-year-old American vlogger is the anger of animal rights organisation PETA on the neck removed by a stroomstootwapen to use two dead rats in a new vlogfilmpje. Youtube has in the meantime measures are being taken.

The animal rights organisation called on Youtube to the images to delete. The video gave there meanwhile also responded to. Youtube even took drastic measures and removed all the ads on the videos of Logan, so that the popular vlogger (yet) no advertising revenues receive more. This would be a signal to send out that such content is not acceptable.

On the images, on February 5, posted were to see how Logan a tasergun used on the dead bodies of two rats. In the same movie had Logan a fish from a pond to fish, while he noted that the animal “still breathing”, after which he the fish back in the water threw.

PETA is not to speak about the movie. “This content doesn’t belong on Youtube or any where”, it sounds in a statement. “It can young people insensitive to animal cruelty. We call the platform to the left to remove.”

Last month did a video of Logan in the Aokigahara forest in Japan, known as ‘the zelfmoordbos’, yet raised some dust. He made images of a corpse on a tree hung.

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