U.S. heading towards a second (short) ‘shutdown’

e93d76f56dc190f0bce87cff46b723f3 - U.S. heading towards a second (short) ‘shutdown’

Despite an agreement from Democrats and Republicans about a budget law, in the United States, a new ‘shutdown’ is in the pipeline. Due to lack of financing will be federal government must temporarily close.

The deadline for the temporary funding of the Us government runs at midnight local time (6 hours in Belgium, ed.) . Both chambers of Congress have for that deadline to pass the bill to approve.

But in the Senate resisted Republican Rand Paul from Kentucky themselves for hours against a vote. The rules of the Senate makes that possible. Individual senators enjoy extensive rights.

Paul don’t feel particularly that the law is the debt of the USA will increase. He said that he could agree that the Republicans behaved as the Democrats under president Barack Obama and the financial reins to celebrate.

It is already the second shutdown in three weeks. This time would be the shutdown , but wait. After a while the White House already with the preparations.


Thursday night it looked Paul in the Senate for hours would speak. His talk would be Friday morning at 1 a.m. local time to finish. Then can the Senate vote on the end of the debates start, and then Paul again for an hour of talk time.

A vote of the Senate is between 3 and 4 hours (between 9 and 10 am Belgian time, red.) local time expected. Then the bill to the House of Representatives. For there can be tuned, there is need for procedural reasons, still a few hours to wait. The final vote would, therefore, pass to 7 to 9 hours local time (13 to 15 hours Belgian time, red.) can take place.

Speech of eight hours

The agreement of the two parties provides for an increase of the defence expenditures by 165 billion dollars. That was important for the Republicans. On the other hand, there was also an increase of 131 billion dollars for non-military government programs, such as health care, infrastructure, emergency relief in natural disasters and efforts to the national opiatenepidemie to address.

In the House of Representatives, there was also significantly more opposition to the budget deal that the senaatsleiders had closed. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic fractievoorzitster in the House, did Wednesday less than eight hours long its great resistance to the agreement from the cloths.

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