Two accomplices of ‘Jihadi John’ been captured in Syria

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Two British jihadi of the Islamic State, accomplices of ‘Jihadi John’, are taken captive in Syria by an Arab-Kurdish ally of Washington. That says a Us military responsible in a press release.

The two members of the ‘executiecel’, nicknamed ‘The Beatles’ was. They were at the beginning of January picked up in the east of Syria.

The foursome is accused of being responsible for the imprisonment and beheading of twenty hostages. It went among others to westerners as the American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and the U.s. humanitarian worker Peter Kassig.

The first of the arrested jihadi’s is El-Shafee el-Sheik. The second, which is on the black list of international terrorists, ” state of the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USA, is called Alexanda Amon Kotey (34) or Alexander Kotey, and the British, Ghanaian and Greek-Cypriot nationality. He stayed in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the former stronghold of the self-proclaimed caliphate of IS.

‘Particularly cruel foltermethodes’

Foreign Affairs in the USA, accused a warden Kotey it ‘may be’ hostages to have been executed. He would ” particularly cruel foltermethodes have used.

‘The two would be captors, and translators have been involved in the unlawful detention of western hostages by IS. They would have links with the British terrorist who often is described as Jihadi John, ” says the American responsible.

‘El-Shafee el-Sheik and Kotey are a small part of the hundreds of foreign terrorists from various countries that the Syrian Democratic Forces of the battlefield have been achieved in the east of Syria since October, 2017’, it sounds.

Jihadi John killed

The most famous of the four ‘Beatles’ was the Brit Mohammed Emwazi, known for his videos in which he hostages beheaded in 2014 and 2015. He was given the nickname ‘Jihadi John’ and was in november of 2015 were killed in an air raid on Raqqa.

Western prisoners called four of their captors ‘the Beatles’ because of their British accent. They were the first names of the legendary singers: Paul, George, Ringo and John.

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