Turkey launches alternative to WhatsApp

2c087d82b212a63e39ada8b911264b55 - Turkey launches alternative to WhatsApp

ANKARA – Turkey has an app for internal messages launched to compete with the popular WhatsApp Messenger service of Facebook. At regeringscritici raises the question of whether Ankara the new platform would be able to use supervision to sharpen after all of eighteen months-long crackdown after the coup attempt.

The app, PttMessenger called to the Turkish post and telegraph directorate (PTT), has this week been introduced by government agencies and some private companies. It is expected that within six months, available to the public.

PttMessenger provides a system that is more secure than WhatsApp,” said government spokesman Bekir Bozdag. ,,Since there is no data stored at the server, it is impossible to get access to this information.”

Critics doubt the suggestion that PttMessenger data can not be traced. There is true fear that the authorities more options to offer differing opinions to follow.

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