Trump wishes discredited Porter the very best

650fe4c257438f02422adae1cc9e4b4c - Trump wishes discredited Porter the very best

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has the Friday listed for White House representative Rob Porter. This confidant resigned because of allegations that he had two ex-wives verbally and physically abused. Itself points the staff secretary that allegations of the hand.

“He says he is innocent. That you do not have to be forgotten,” said Trump against reporters in the Oval Office. “He said yesterday very firmly that he is innocent. We wish him absolutely the best. It should be clear that he is now very difficult. In the White House, he has quite a good job. We hope that he is still a wonderful career for themselves.”

Spokesman Raj Shah had previously said that the White House, the scope of the allegations was not until photos emerged of porter’s former wife with a black eye. The issue brought under the bottom John Kelly, the chief of staff of the White House, in embarrassment. The question arose as to whether sufficient background check is done for such a responsible job. Porter had been no declaration of good behaviour. Shah admitted that several officers of stitches have let it fall.

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