Topregisseur Haneke calls #Metoo a creativity killing a witch hunt

a1bb89350cd97a062c2831b1b97cddf5 - Topregisseur Haneke calls #Metoo a creativity killing a witch hunt

The #Metoo movement has degenerated into a witch-hunt and install a new, for the creativity harmful puritanisme. That says, the Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, double Gold-Palmwinnaar in Cannes and the creator of a series of contemporary classics, in a today printed an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kurier. The hashtagbeweging saw the light of day to sexual abuse of women, to denounce.

Haneke is particularly concerned about the mannenhaat that the #Metoo-puritanisme accompanied shows. “As an artist you start to scare to get out of that crusade against any form of eroticism”. According to the author of “Happy End” would be a film like “the Realm of The Senses” (1976) Nagasi Oshima -a film about wurgseks and the limits of sexuality – currently no more can be made. “Of course, any rape, any sexual abuse to be condemned,” said the 75-year-old filmmaker. “But I find the hysteria and belief without any form of process that you are currently experiencing, frankly degoutant”. That “misguided” people to the pillory, “destroys the lives of people without any evidence (of debt, nsdc) is provided. People in the media, destroyed lives and careers are destroyed. Suspicious actors from film and tv-series cut out of fear for a loss of viewers”.

The director of “Das Weisse Band” and “Amour”, despite the controversies that his films calls (think of “La Pianiste” and “Funny Games”), yet not by #Metoo discredited. He is, however, the ‘shitstorms’ (strontorkanen) tired of every “disclosure” in the newspapers brings. The witch-hunt, according to the Austrian topcineast, is actually seriously addressing the real problem of sexual harassment even more difficult.

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