The Luizenmoeder beats Farmer wants a Wife in again a new record

The NPO’s 3-hit The Luizenmoeder also has online a kijkcijferrecord broken. Via the internet was the third episode of 28 January, by 420.000 viewers seen, reports Foundation for sight examination.

Not earlier since the start of the publication of onlinekijkcijfers in 2016 looked as many people online to a program. The record was so far on the documentary Emma wants to live off 2016 with 289.000 online viewers. Last year it was Farmer wants a wife internationally with 201.000 viewers the best reviewed online program of that year. The first two broadcasts of The Luizenmoeder of 14 and 21 January were, respectively, 166.000 and 288.000 onlinekijkers.

With the numbers of television and delayed look at each other and drew the third episode now 4,26 million viewers.

The Luizenmoeder grew in recent weeks to an unprecedented hit for NPO 3-concepts. The fourth episode drew last Sunday in a linear almost 3.5 million viewers. The AVROTROS-series is best viewed NPO 3-program in ten years time.

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