The BAND after 13 years back again in Ahoy

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For the first time since 2005, gives the BAND a concert in Rotterdam Ahoy. On the 15th of december is the day, and plays the Zeeland band the big hits and the current number 1 hit Yet. The ticket sales for the show start Saturday at 10.00.

Almost twenty years ago, the BAND for the first time in Ahoy, when in the decor of Friends of Amstel. That occur with Love from London, marked the starting point of their career.

The concert of march 10, in the Ziggo Dome is months sold out, and by the recent hit Zoutelande, the demand for live performances is great. “It feels like we are in our second youth sit. It is great to see that so many people have fun on our new album and our live want to see. Therefore, we go back to Rotterdam Ahoy, a hall where we have so many beautiful memories to have,” says singer Paskal Jakobsen.

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