Temse say goodbye to Aunt Terry

184cc9aa0f2e9577a662e799af4e03db - Temse say goodbye to Aunt Terry

On Saturday 10 February, there is the uitvaartplechtigheid of Esther Verbeeck, better known as Auntie Terry. Bart Peeters and Wim Opbrouck will be during the service, each with a song to sing. Aunt Terry died on January 30. She lived the last two years of her life on the Scheldekaai in Temse. There she is on Saturday buried in the onze-Lieve-vrouw church on the market. The family will find it a beautiful symbol that the service is done by a woman. Hilde Van Bladel and is since 2016 gebedsleidster in Temse. She took a course at the Diocese of Ghent and was given a mandate to funerals to lead without the eucharist.

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