Talent show Diddy gets second season

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Talent show The Four: Battle For Stardom is getting a second season. That made the American station Fox Thursday, just hours before the final of the first series of the program known.

In The Four have singing talents, the jury, consisting of Diddy, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor and Charlie Walk all four convince of their arts. Only candidates who are unanimously by the pros to be approved, go further in the show. In the next round, the singers challenge each other. The Four will be hosted by Fergie.

The show had this year’s controversy, when it appeared that a juror, Charlie Walk was accused of sexual misconduct. The labelboss got last week on the program “out of respect for the participants, my fellow judges and everyone involved in the show”. Whom he will replace in the second season of The Four, is not yet published.

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