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Studio 100 has even more plans in Puurs

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Entertainment company Studio 100 opens on a pasture in Puurs a temporary musical arena. As previously announced, will the provision place of the musical ‘40-45’. But even after that, the company still plans with the location.

That report Studio 100 Friday. The original intention was that the musical about the Second world War would be staged in a warehouse of Katoen Natie in the port of Antwerp. But the building permit was denied. In december the company announced already to Pure to pull.

The intention now is that the location also is used for other purposes. This is the anniversary show of Q3, and the sprookjesmusicals of Studio 100.

For the event builds Spantech, a company specializing in temporary theaterconstructies, a huge, temporary aluminium construction. Studio 100 wants to the musical as long as possible to allow them to continue in the temporary arena. “We hope that as many people as possible that the musical will want to see him also can effectively see,” says ceo Gert Verhulst.

The previous musical ’14-18’ attracted so’n 335.000 visitors. Due to the great success of that musical began Studio 100 fairly quickly on the preparations of the successor. The new musical tells the story of the resistance in Flanders during world WAR ii. The premiere will take place on 7 October 2018.

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