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Standard player Mpoku angry fans Club Bruges: ‘Apengeluiden hear when change is unacceptable’

Paul-José Mpoku has on Twitter out at the fans of Club Brugge after the second leg in the semi-finals of the Croky Cup. When Mpoku changed was in the final stage, he was a part of the fans booed and according to Mpoku even ridiculed it with racist sounds. “I hope that professionals in our football up, apengeluiden hear as I exit the field is unacceptable’, it sounds.

Club Bruges did for the game is still a call to the own fans and came to the field with a custom motto: No Sweat, No Glory, No Racism. A clear message, the result after a part of the fans in the match against Charleroi found it necessary apengeluiden to make the direction of Francis N Ganga. “Discrimination of any kind, is a social problem, which also Club. We would like to call to address this with united forces, about club colours and in the whole society’, says Club Brugge.

Against Standard, it was according to Paul-José Mpoku of that. ‘Some people deserve not to be in a football stadium. I hope that the top people in our football up, because apengeluiden hear as I exit the field is unacceptable. I’m not the first person with racism, but I hope that I will be one of the last am a #SayNoToRacism’.

Club Brugge stated after the match against Charleroi, which, together with the police video was to analyze the racist fans to identify and punish them. Against Standard bezondigden the fans of Club Brugge are also in an inappropriate slogans to the Fans of Standard, ‘Les Wallons, c’est du caca ” was clearly heard during the contest…

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