Stalker of Bella Hadid arrested

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The police of New York has a stalker of Bella Hadid (21) were arrested. The half-Dutch top model alerted the police when she saw that the man was a picture of her apartment building had posted on social media.

The police suspect the 37-year-old man that he, Bella and her family since december is harassing with messages via social media, reports People. The suspect, Ryan S. Perez, was Thursday evening arrested after he the model several threatening messages had been sent, says a politiewoordvoerder.

Perez is accused of stalking. According to TMZ, he is sitting still.

The arrest did Bella not to the same evening to a birthday party of her good friend Samuel Krost. Also her sister Gigi was there when she was done with the fashion show of Jeremy Scott at New York Fashion Week.

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