Spain rolls out huge drugsbende on

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MADRID – The Spanish police has a large gang of drug smugglers rolled up. Sure 43 people have been arrested and some 5000 kilos of the drug seized. Detectives have for 15 million euros on stuff seized. At least 139 bank accounts are frozen. It is “one of the most powerful drugsorganisaties in the world”.

Last year was 616 pounds of cocaine from the gang found in the vicinity of The Hague. It is not known if in the Netherlands people have been arrested.

The organization used a shipyard in the northwest of Spain as a cover for drugs is unseen to country to get. The gang also had all kinds of businesses to the drug money laundering.

Spanish Escobar

The Spanish study took twenty months. The gang was led by a well-known drug dealer, who is ” the Spanish of Pablo Escobar’. Shortly after his release from prison, he went on in the seaside resort of Marbella and he went back to his old accomplices. They did justice to an investigation.

The man was found making contacts with fellow criminals from the Netherlands, Turkey and Bulgaria. They took measures to prevent agents in the holes would get, for example, by encrypted phone to use. Spaniards and Colombians, ensured that the drugs were spread across Europe and that the income in Colombia came.

Spain had last years 3800 kilos of cocaine from the gang discovered in a cargo ship.

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