Sister Kim Jong-un arrived in South Korea

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SEOUL – A North Korean delegation to the sister of dictator Kim Jong-un arrived in South Korea. The plane with Kim Yo-jong and other officials landed, according to news agency Yonhap at the airport of Incheon.

The delegation is formally led by Kim Yong-nam, the ceremonial head of state of the dictatorship. That the balance of power in the practice lay down, showed, according to Yonhap during a meeting with South Korean officials. The ninety-year-old Kim gave Kim Yo-jong as the main chair. She refused.

The North Korean delegates traveled by train through Pyeongchang. Live there they are expected to be the opening of the winter Olympics. The visit is special: Yo-jong is according to Yonhap the first member of the North Korean familiedynastie that a visit to the southern neighbor.

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