’Shining athlete’ is waving with flag

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Pyeongchang – Pita Taufatofua (34) from the hot Tonga has done it again with bare-chested during the opening ceremony of the Olympics with the flag of his country waved.

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During the Olympic Games in 2016 he was also already an unforgettable impression with his appearance, shining of the oil, swung the muscular athlete to the people at home. As a taekwondoka, he showed was little to see, so he is now back as a cross-country skier. Remarkable, as in Tonga, the average temperature is about 25 degrees.

Taufatofua held on asphalt roads. “Furthermore, I’m training on the beach. Than bond I pieces of wood under my feet and I ran through the sand to get my balance to improve.” He started a fundraising campaign and moved for a short time to Germany to train.

The Tongaan did during the very last qualifier in Iceland.

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