Roddeloverzicht: Gordon to the coke and sister Yolanthe with billionaire

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Gordon sniffs the loneliness away, Kylie Jenner seems to be pregnant and is now mom and Rebecca Cabau van Kasbergen saves a billionaire on the hook. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Months ago, announced Gordon it all: the book that the lives of many DUTCH would change. Full of violent details about drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll. Everything would be the singer going to tell in his book. And although that type promises to be more to be done, it seems that Gordon they actually comply.

And it is easy to find all kinds of stories of others, but to also be honest about your own scandals is still a second. Gordon served there is nothing on: this week, we were able to HP/the Time already had a taste of the book to read and found out: Gordon tells really everything.

“I am sometimes at home in my own coke to sniff, purely to the kutgevoel out of my body to get,” said the 49-year-old Gordon in conversation with biographer Marcel Langedijk. No, Gordon is not addicted, but really nice he is not without cocaine. “I’m often so tired when I go to a party. So tired that I no longer feel like, that I’d rather just stay at home. But if you are then what coke takes, you will become awake again.”

Not only powders are a favourite with the singer to get the solitude to fight, also a good glass of wine do help. “I drink often from loneliness, from sorrow. Broken relationships, that sort of thing, I don’t know what. But if it can’t, if I have to work, I drink even weeks. No problem.”

However, that is not always good, we read also in the book: Gordon has a show to cancel because he was a little too hard, partied had. No, he used not during the gig, or the present, but everyone commits a mistake. Once a pill, which he was to spin on the stage, but also a performance at the Myrna Goossen with LA The Voices did not go through because the Goor just a little too hard, was gone.

“The night before I had a few guests on the floor had. Very nice guys. They wanted a party with me and despite the fact that the Tuesday night, I had like, a moment can be. (…) The party walked all the way from the claws. That guests were at a given moment, even to the ghb. That I do not. (…) But those guys had to sneak in my drink thrown in. I don’t know if you ever have used, but then you are really out of the world.”

The first passages promise a spectacular full of stories with all kinds of excesses, but if we Gordon have to believe there are really other things than stories about drink and drugs. “The media” only light that is there, because that sells magazines, thinks the singer. It will be the sales of his books doubtless also some money.


North, Saint, Chicago: the children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have very unique names. “There and I’m over it!”, thought Kylie Jenner and made known this week her daughter Stormi. Special name, special child, the new mother must have thought. Special pregnancy too, and then we print our still mild.

At the end of september 2017, the first rumors: the then just 20-year-old realityster would be pregnant with her first child, which she, together with rapper Travis Scott would be welcome. But unlike the pregnancies of her sisters, remained then silent.

Mother Kris and sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Kendall were at no point out about the possible baby that was coming. And that while the family Kardashian/Jenner normally not averse from personal information use to draw extra attention to for the reality show/perfumes/make-up/clothing line of the family.

Despite prodding from other stars, the paparazzi who did to take a picture of a pregnant Kylie and announcements of babies of Kim and Khloé, holding Her point to her raised lips closed.

To Sunday. Suddenly, there was anything and everything, where the past few months we, as to made supplication: a publication of the born baby and an eleven minute video. In the clip we saw images of how Kylie was born, that they twenty years later, discovered to be pregnant, the first images of baby Chicago and all the way to the end the first images of the new baby from Kylie and Travis.

A few days later there was the name: Stormi. Not Butterfly, as many fans had expected after months of hints with vlinderringen, -tattoeages and decorations. The publication broke all records on social media: never before has an image so often geliked on Instagram.

And where there’s a will, there’s a way, and so it proved again: the fans had to, and would have regard to the vlindernaam. The name would be based on the butterfly effect: the clapping of butterfly wings can ultimately cause a storm. Yes correct: a storm. And so Stormi.

Or Kylie again now as of old on Instagram will go places as if her life depend on it, remains to be seen, but here she turns out of sister Kim is already a lot to learn. Such a child is very useful if you still need someone to toplessfoto of you to make.

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