Reprint naaktkalender Tanja Dexters is not

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The Flemish pornokoning Dennis Black Magic pulling the plug out of the reprint of the legendary naaktkalender with Tanja Dexters on the cover. That has Dennis Black Magic Thursday decided after a phone interview with the counselor of Tanja Dexters.

“My meeting with master Trappeniers was anything but professional to call, the lawyer Tanja is the personal tour, merged with, and is even outside of his booklet came by, among other media partners of me personally on a call to them to threaten with monsterboetes in place of the owner to contact us. With me”, responds Dennis Black Magic from the shore.
Dennis Black Magic will no longer associate with Tanja Dexters. ‘I can’t more with pride behind this calendar”, sounds the. “The take exception I of Tanja Dexters and the naaktkalender where I used to be so proud of.” When this gets ‘Flanders’most legendary calendar’ not a reprint. However, please let Dennis know that he was an official complaint will be submitted through defence counsel, master Jos Lenaerts against Alex Trappeniers for libel, slander and banned from their profession.

Dennis pulls now fully back from the media for a full year in silence to continue working on his life story and to a new publication in 2019. ‘It has been enough with the circus that is there every time you created a word around my person. I need rest and now that the calendar, not will I take. I have never regretted my decision, and I think that Tanja Dexters is officially relieved of her title as Miss Belgium, because they now already several times in disgrace has made,” concludes Dennis.

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