“Oxfam held orgies in Haiti after earthquake”

eecff0874f834e7a9853b28c56a2ed46 - "Oxfam held orgies in Haiti after earthquake"

Port-au-Prince, the Employees of the aid organization Oxfam with the money of the ngo seksfeestjes organized with prostitutes in Haiti, where some of the girls may be underage. The mission came after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Writes that The Times on the basis of a leaked internal report, which speaks of “a culture of impunity” among the employees.

Large spindle in the matter is, a Belgian: Roland van Hauwermeiren, country manager on behalf of Oxfam. According to The Times, he has the prostitutiepraktijken confirmed, and he is now boarding.

The women or girls have participated in orgies on hotel rooms of employees, of which there are now a total of three were fired. Four others were otherwise the door off. Furthermore, there are no steps have been taken. Justice in Haiti got nothing to hear, says the British newspaper.

Oxfam confirmed that there are reports of encounters with underage prostitutes. The company denies the case in the cover up have stopped.

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