North VS bracing itself for snowstorm

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MILWAUKEE – Residents of some states in the north of the United States are preparing for a potentially disruptive winterstorm in the next 24 hours is expected.

In the states of Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan is a load of snow up to half a meter high expected. By the hard wind and temperatures well below zero is the wind chill Friday close to 20 degrees below zero, predicts the U.s. National Weather Service.

Motorists will be warned not the way to go, because virtually no visibility during the snowfall. The two major airports of Chicago already have 170 flights cancelled. The two scheduled flights from amsterdam to Chicago leaving yet, however, according to the schedule. Also, many regional airports in the area have flights cancelled.

Because of the weather, many schools in the regions of Chicago and Detroit decided to Friday close to continue. Due to the winter weather in the area the past few days has been at least eight deaths in several accidents.

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