No deal on budget VS: again shutdown

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WASHINGTON – At the expiration of the deadline is midnight (local time) there is still no agreement in the U.s. Congress reached a new budget. Formally this is a new shutdown of American government services.

Remarkably enough, the Republican party is bothering. Rand Paul, a fiscal conservative senator from the state of Kentucky, signed the objection against the proposed increase of the public spending with hundreds of billions of dollars over the next two years.

Paul held the Senate in his grip by the Senate to nine hours long to speak: “I am here tonight to people in their place and feel uncomfortable to feel.” Paul called the budget plan “a looting of the treasury.”

In spite of the opposition of Paul is expected that in the course of Friday, yet an agreement is reached.


The Us Senate seemed to be Wednesday already begrotingsdeal to have closed for the next two years. A majority consisting of both Republicans and Democrats could agree to it. The proposed budget provides more money for defense and infrastructure, but in addition, leave space for social policy. In total, it concerns an expansion of the budget with almost $ 300 billion (245 billion euros).

Paul Ryan, the leader of the Republicans in the House said earlier Thursday that he expected to be there for the deadline for a budget agreement. President Donald Trump expressed his support for the budget proposal.

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