New Zealand does not want to begging tourists

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WELLINGTON – New Zealand has the stomach is full of tourists, begging through the land and even make use of soup kitchens. The country is outraged about a New Zealander and a German that in that way ’beg-pack’, the latest example of what critics say is apparently a new trend.

The couple already attracts three weeks through the country, without a cent to spend. They are foaming garbage cans for food, begging, and visit soup kitchens. “It is inappropriate to soup kitchens or social services to use because you are travelling on a budget,” said a spokesman of the social service in Wellington against the station Newstalk ZB.

“Soup kitchens have been created for those in need, and I really understand why people are this excited,” said the manager of such a liefdadigheidsrestaurant. “I think they are an insult to find if people who are food can afford to use it to their benefit.”

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