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New movies increasingly ‘right to Netflix’

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The sci-fi film ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ was so bad, that Paramount to him, not in the halls dared to bring. And so verlapte the studio him on Netflix, that there are large ornamental made during the Superbowl. A scenario that we will in 2018 still often will see.

Last weekend surprised Netflix everyone. During the Superbowl – the most watched tv moment in the U.S. – it launched unexpectedly, the trailer for the third part of the successful Cloverfield …

Last weekend surprised Netflix everyone. During the Superbowl – the most watched tv moment in the U.S. – it launched unexpectedly, the trailer for the third part of the successful Cloverfield-film series. Not only that, but the movie was to watch for any Netflix subscribers. Was this then the future of the film industry? Would even blockbusters now come true – not in the cinema, not driven by a global barnumcampagne, but just on Netflix dropped, and with one well aimed commercial (although one of the $ 5 million will be launched?

A day later, appeared the first reviews, and sounded the story is very different: The Cloverfield paradox is such a mess, that the film studio Paramount was right the print is not in the halls. And when uitlekte that Netflix, over 50 million had paid for the movie or something more than the production budget, – arose as suddenly, the question, whether the streamingreus well knows what he is doing.

The answer is, more than likely, yes. Who a for a cinema ticket would had purchased for The Cloverfield paradox, had perhaps cheated felt. But the sci-fi fan that the movie simply aanklikte in Netflix, was probably a very pleasant evening. Only Netflix knows how many Cloverfield-fans right the film have set up or even a new subscription have taken. But the stunt in itself – a new movie in a popular franchise just to drop during the super bowl – is already a feat of bravado that speaks to the imagination. A bit like a Tesla in an orbit around the sun swing.


This week we learned that yet another sci-fi picture, Extinction, Netflix will end up. And for the same reason: the producer – in this case Universal – looked at against the cost of a theatrical release.

That film producers are now increasingly using Netflix in the sea, is not more than logical: both parties are there to win. A movie that is a guaranteed hit (but how many are there today?), that they prefer the first in the movie theater – then they can once again cash out for services such as Netflix. But what if the budget is out of hand is walked, the movie performs poorly with a test audience and it seems that the cost of production – let alone the promotional costs can’t be recovered? In the past, would such a film than a straight-to-dvd go straight to the video stores. But the video stores and the dvd’s are gone – platgeknepen by Netflix. So it is ironic, but also quite logical, that Netflix now this role as opruimdienst’ of the film industry.


The film is now itself also changed significantly. In the cinema reign now movies that are made with a huge budget – $ 200 million and more. They make almost without exception, part of a franchise: Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond. The protagonist does not matter, because no actor of the present generation has the ‘star power’ to ensure that such an expensive print out of the cost hit.

A big difference with the Hollywood ten or twenty years ago. Then walked out of the cinemas are full for the sound made Hollywoodkost, rotated with a moderate budget (about 20 to 50 million dollars) and with a star like Tom Cruise in the lead role. The recipe works for some years, not more. Still not in the cinema.

But by the end of 2017 launched Netflix suddenly Bright. With a for Netflix impressive but to Hollywoodnormen modest budget of about 90 million dollars, and drawn in by the name Will Smith. Bright got moderate reviews. But the chance is real that the for Netflix was a success – perhaps that’s why the investment in Cloverfield.

Netflix has already let you know that this year some eighty films will release. The total budget that the American company wants to spend on movies and series is 8 billion. A hefty sum, but a little math shows that there is no eighties blockbusters of 200 million dollars to buy. Still gets Netflix big names inside as Martin Scorcese and Robert de Niro.

Not unimportant detail: Netflix know that in 2019 all of the movies from the Disney stable lose and that those movies will end up in a new Disney-streaming service. And then we have the not only about the unbreakable films, but also Star Wars and Marvel franchises. Netflix should his catalog is so urgent complement. Therefore, we will have many of these mid-budget, by a hollywood actor drawn to genre films see popping up. In some cases, because Netflix they themselves have produced, such as Bright. In other cases, because the producer of the competition in the cinemas look at his advertising budget, and sigh: ‘I do not!”

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