New controversial images cost Logan Paul millions

66c4f2cdb39d30164cb31c374b9ae43d - New controversial images cost Logan Paul millions

Logan Paul, the vlogger at the end of 2017 heavy was under fire after a video posted in which the body was of a man who is himself of life had robbed, again the criticism on his videos. Now YouTube itself, that all of the ads from his channel has been deleted, reports Page Six.

A violent intervention: the 22-year-old Paul deserves according to Us media about $ 1.2 million per month in ad revenues via YouTube. The streamingsdienst gives as the reason for the presence of advertisers in his vlogs, that there is a ’pattern of behavior in his videos is that his content is unsuitable for brands’. They refer to a video in which he jokes about the Tide Pod challenge, the craze in which young people take up the challenge of wascapsules to eat and to a video in which he and a taser on an already dead rat shoot.

Logan Paul offered following the controversy for its video, the victim of suicide publicly apologized and came at the end of January are back on YouTube with a message of suicide prevention. Long seems to be his self-reflection is not taken to have, and perhaps no wonder, given the fact that the number of subscribers for his vlogs since all the negative publicity only increased: with a million extra he now sits at 16.6 million followers. But now him that his major source of cost, he will might once again start thinking, all he showed earlier in interviews to know not need to make money because he has a plan B.

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