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Nearly 8,500 Belgian fans ask FIFA for world cup tickets

f83b84e22d3892b146f5d1c7c7ee582f - Nearly 8,500 Belgian fans ask FIFA for world cup tickets

The Wereldvoetbalbond has provisionally 8.486 ticketaanvragen of Belgian fans registered for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia next summer. In an interim ranking of the number of ticketaanvragen Belgium is only at the 39th place. That confirmed a spokesman of the FIFA Friday at Belga.

The members of 1895, the official fan club of the Red Devils, had 3.914 tickets requested for the Belgian subjects. That is so for the group matches of the Red Devils against Panama (311 ticketaanvragen), Tunisia (1.001) and England (1.461), and a possible eighth final (194), quarterfinals (223), semi finals (218), small final (86) and finals (420).

In total, nearly 8,500 tickets reserved, which total 4,572 requests not through 1895 are gone. The tickets in the neutral zones, matches of Belgium. For comparison, the non-qualified the Netherlands asked more than 71,000 tickets. The Belgian fans are anything but storm for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. Belgium, the book stands as one of the outsiders, with nearly 8,500 applications in the 39th place, just for the well-placed Costa Rica and the non-qualified Finland. In total got the FIFA 5 million ticketaanvragen within, of which more than half the Russian fans was submitted.

The FIFA perspective the scant interest of the Belgian fans. “It comes here only and only to applications, which still need to be confirmed. It makes the number of ongoing and can get you out of the current rankings from drawing any conclusions,” says a spokesperson from FIFA. “Additionally, the ticket sales walk, this is just an interim position.”

The next sell phase starts on march 13 and according to the ‘first come, first serve ” principle, organized. Then follows another last minute sale until all tickets are sold out. In both phases, there are only tickets for the neutral boxes available.

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