Navalny in the attack

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MOSCOW – Russiagate, i.e. the possible interference of the Kremlin in the American elections, has a spectacular sequel in Russia itself. Anti-corruptieblogger Alexei Navalny, who is ruled out of the presidential election next month, says have proof that the billionaire Oleg Deripaska, in 2016, the secret emissary of the Kremlin by Paul Manafort, at the time the campagnechef of Donald Trump.

The latest episode in this saga has all the elements of a James bond movie: an oligarch on his miljoenenjacht in the Norwegian waters let to be surrounded by call girls, with a crucial role for Russia’s deputy prime minister Sergei Prichodko. This grey cardinal, who has already twenty years ago under Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin was, would be the true architect of Russia’s buitenlandpolitiek.

“Putin, please make yourself and your country not to disgrace!”, says Alexei Navalny at the end of the movie that he yesterday brought out. “Take measures if, at the time!” He is referring to the Putin at the end of years ’90, when still head of the FSB, the prosecutor general was dismissed after it in a bathhouse was filmed with prostitutes. According to Navalny makes Prichodko are guilty of the same behavior. And in addition: the filmed outings, coming from Russia were taken with privéjets of Deripaska, are the outright evidence of bribery.

The source of the revelation is just as absurd as a typical Russian. At the beginning of september came a group of in latex-shrouded young ladies the Moscow campaign office of Navalny invade. Escorts. There appeared immediately pictures of them in pro-Kremlin media.

Research by the anti-corruptiestichting of Navalny from the Instagram account of one of the girls, the White Russian Nastja Rybka, led to film footage of Oleg Deripaska, speaking with Prichodko on a yacht. Although the Kremlin the veracity of the earlier videos of Navalny has always denied, such as that on an estate of prime minister Dmitri Medvedev in Italy, the viewer is also now overloaded with moving pictures, sound and facts.

The same, to have sex with oligarchs hungry Nastja Rybka has pulished a book in which they the meeting on the yacht in Norwegian waters in detail describes, without the real names of the parties involved. “Daddy”, as they Prichodko in her book stepping up, it would be with Deripaska, the American elections have been discussed. It was Wittehuismedewerkster Victoria Nuland called as a good friend of Prichodko. When a CNN reporter Deripaska was asked if his private encounters with Manafort were intended as a repayment of a miljoenenschuld that he had given, said the Russian: “Get lost, please. Thank you.”

The film, in which the escortbrunette Rybka says that she is Navalny in the seksval will allow them to ‘ walk ’because by persons such as he the people in this world with each other continue to fight’, became within a short time a internethit. It also shows the pronkerige country home of Prichodko, to the value of 5 million euro, as well as two apartments in Moscow, which 8 million euros are worth. According to Navalny proof of his corruption, there Prichodko a civil servant and therefore never have enough money can have earned in order this property to be able to afford.

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